Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate

Blocks all Internet ads


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If you want to surf the Internet without constantly having to dodge ads, there are dozens of ad blockers out there to choose from. Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate, however, goes one step further by blocking banners, pop-ups, search result links, graphics, videos, and comments that qualify as advertising, as well as any other elements that contain ads.

The great advantage of Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate is not only blocking everything imaginable, but also the fact that you don't have to set it up. Once you open the program, it will run in the background. Although it's impossible to manually add exceptions for the websites you don't want to block, you can stop the program if you need to. The program works in real time, letting you know how many items are blocked while you browse. It's useful to know how many ads you'd see without this blocker, or calculate all the ads to which you are subjected throughout the day.

Although Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate blocks all these ads, it won't change the structure of the websites you visit, and you won't even realize that it's running in the background. Forget about any trace of ads with this simple tool.

The trial version is limited to 50 blocked ads.

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